[proteinX] Next-Gen Protein

[ProteinX] Topfloor Ep. #03. Waste-to-protein and next gen edible insects

Episode Summary

Can we feed emerging economies with what was doomed to go to waste? Watch Tommaso Di Bartolo, founding partner of Awesm Ventures, along with industry fellows, Paulo Silveira, founder and CEO of FoodTech Hub in Brazil, Navneet Deora, food engineer with a PhD from Indian Institute of & IT, and entrepreneurs George Thorpe, CEO and co-founder of MagProtein, West Africa’s first waste to protein initiative, and Kevin Wu, CEO and founder of ento, a startup in Malaysia, that rolls out protein from insects.

Episode Notes

“Topfloor, where handpicked startups present sector-specific innovations to a jury of industry fellows” 

In this second episode of our second season of Topfloor, we focused on the topic of next-gen protein. And we had a tremendous line up of entrepreneurs and industry fellows: 

On the STARTUPS side: 


➜ MAGPROTEIN: http://magprotein.ng/ 

➜ Presented by George Thorpe, CEO and Co-founder at Magprotein. 

MagProtein is a proprietary nutrient recycling business that produces feed ingredients for farmers and feed manufacturers. 

They are the first large scale waste to protein initiative in West Africa. They produce sustainable alternatives to fishmeal and soymeal. 


➜ ENTO: https://www.ento.my/ 

➜ Presented by Kevin Wu, CEO and founder at Ento. 

The company philosophy is to provide people and industries a cheaper, more reliable and nutritious food source. Unprecedented growth of populations and economic development has led to an ever-increasing demand for food. 

As populations get richer, there has been a shift away from plant-based to a more meat-based diet. Ento want to offer a solution to alleviate some of the pressures from our current food system by introducing and promoting crickets in the market. 

On the JURY side: 

1) Paulo Silveira 

Founder and CEO of FoodTech Hub in Brazil. 

2) Navneet Deora 

Food engineer with a PhD from Indian Institute of & IT. 

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